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Give your horse a treat...bring them along on your next vacation adventure!

Ride trails that most people, not even locals, know about. Ride through the Coronado National Forest, you'll see many of natures wonders... The Canelo Hills, Santa Rita, Whetstone, Huachuca and Mustang Mountains. You will be surrounded by beautiful 360 degree views and vistas! You can do a 2 or 4 hour ride or more, if you like...

Will get you off in the right direction, either way you'll leave right from the ranch and see many wonderful sites along the way . So give your horse a new adventure, they deserve it.

When done with your wonderful ride and your horse is in one of our safe and secure areas...

Clean up and visit the Local winners, do sightseeing or birding, go to one of the wonderful restaurants in town or visit some of the other popular towns nearby / Patagonia, Nogalas, Tubac, Thombstone or Bisbee.

Whatever you decide, there is certainly a lot to do...

Or just Relax and do nothing.

Xanadu's Mr Moon

In loving memory of  Xanadu's Mr Moon / March 25th 1984 to August 25th 2012

We truly loved him

Come join me on a Xanadu Ranch Trail Ride Adventure, my wonderful fellow equines...I will guide you on a glorious treck through this amazing countryside! I have been enjoying these trails for many years and I am always in awe of the beauty and magic of this beautiful place!

Saddle up... Let's Ride!

Horse Motels and Hook-Up Rates

  • Hook-ups 30 amp $25 or 50 amp $30/ includes water per night
  • No Dump
  • Horse Motel with our hay per horse per night $20
  • Your Hay $15 per night per horse
  • Our Pens No cover per horse per night $12
  • Your Pens or tie up per horse per night $10


All prices are cash discount prices

RV Dry Camp per night $15

Xanadu Ranch GetAway is a horse ranch. Please be advised that horses are by nature dangerous and vigilance, care, supervision and expertise on the part of the ranch management can ensure our guests’ safety from, among others, physical injury or death resulting from contact with or by a horse, falls from a horse, uneven or imperfect footing within the riding areas from the barn and the gate leave and returning to the property, or the negligence or wrongful act of another guest. Please read the attached page of the Arizona Revised Statutes regarding the liability of equestrian facilities.

Any guests participating in equine boarding, Riding their horse to and from the ranch, loading and on loading on the ranch must sign a liability waiver.

Sorry No Riding on the Property other then to and from the Gate.

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