Welcome to Xanadu Ranch GetAway Private Guest Rooms / Guest Ranch & Horse Motels
Our Location     N 31.659939
                            W 110.651743
We have 2 Winery's open 7 days a week
3 on Thru. All 16 on Week-Ends 
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Patagonia - Vacation Guide Map 

                    Xanadu Ranch Lay out

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     Tucson to Sonoita  Xanadu Ranch GetAway  Guest Ranch and more.

Go east on Interstate 10, to Exit 281, scenic State Hwy 83.

From Exit 281, go south on State Hwy 83, 24.8 miles to STOP sign which is Sonoita.

Then your on the map below.

 From Sonita to Xandau Ranch Getaway

"Guest Ranch"

1. From the Stop Sign at the intersection of State Hwy 83 and 82, continue south on Hwy 83.

2. Hwy 83 makes a sharp left turn 1/2 mile from intersection.

3. Continue on Hwy 83 to the 55mile speed limit sign. turn right at the 55 

 you are now on Los Encinos Rd  

4. Go 8/10ths on the right  before the road curves                                                                 Large sign Xandau Ranch

5. We have a long driveway please park in Guest parking... Welcome to the Xanadu.

The map below stops a little short of the Ranch, just a little more down on the Right .
Address or Intersection:
State:ZIP Code:

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